A selfie, or self-portrait, meaning a self-taken photo, is a personal photo that its owner takes of himself using a camera, which is most likely a smartphone or a special camera for this, due to the widespread spread of this type of photo and the extreme obsession that has afflicted European and Arab societies with this type. From photography.

Remote selfie camera

The selfie stick has become a problem for everyone because of its large size and the difficulty of taking it everywhere. It is also banned from entering many public places, such as museums, for fear of it colliding with antiquities. Therefore, developers have tried to invent suitable modern technological methods that lead to taking pictures in a safe way. Among these innovations is the POdo camera for taking photos. Selfie..

Podo the wireless camera that takes a photo from any surface

This new camera is characterized by a number of advantages that have helped it spread recently, including that it can be attached to any place on surfaces without difficulty because it works to empty the air between it and the surfaces on which it is placed, which is called the suction process. It can be installed on any surface and is controlled by the phone’s Bluetooth, allowing it to send… Pictures are taken immediately after taking through an application available in Apple and Android stores. As for the camera’s capabilities, its quality is 8 megapixels and is equipped with an LED flash. It weighs 51 grams, which makes it easy to carry and move with you anywhere, and the size is only 2 inches. It can also capture video at a resolution of up to 720 pixels, and the camera was put on the market at a price of $100.

Through it, you can control selfies without a stick, so your hand becomes completely free to take more wonderful photos..

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