Solve the problem of not downloading applications from Google Play

Some Google Play Store users face the problem of not being able to download applications through the Google Play Store. The user clicks on the Download box, but the Google Play Store does not respond and the application does not download. Here some users restart the device, but the same thing repeats itself. The problem, and today we present the solution by explaining the implementation of some steps that lead to avoiding this problem.

google play

Steps to solve the problem of not downloading applications from the Google Play Store:

– First, we open the Google Play Store.

– Then go to Settings.

– After opening the settings window, we choose Clear History.

– After that, we close and open the device and try downloading an application from Google Play.

– Sometimes, after performing the previous steps, the problem remains as it is, and therefore we do the following:

– Enter the device settings.

-Then we go to Apps applications.

– After that, we select the All tab.

– Then we search for the Clear Cache option and click on it.

– After that, we turn off the device and turn it back on again and work on downloading applications from the Google Play Store.

Clear Cache

Note: Sometimes users of Android devices face the problem of the number (495) appearing while trying to download from the Google Play Store. To solve this problem, the second part of the previous steps is used.

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