The best Android games in 2024

After the great place that Android devices occupied in our lives, they no longer represent devices for conversations or browsing the Internet, but rather they are for fun and enjoyment and to avoid the hassles of work and its exhausting responsibilities. Therefore, we find many people searching for the latest games for Android devices, which always represent advanced ideas and come up with something new every year. With 2015, we find real, diverse fun with the best Android games that we list on our list today.

The best Android games in 2015:
1. Magic 2015: The best strategy game of the year, which includes multiple levels of challenge to play the role of the hunter Jarok to hunt prey via helicopter, or land on the deck of a ship and engage in a fierce battle, and engage in violent attacks to gain skills. New and powerful, this game can be obtained through the following link:

Magic 2015

2. Nuts: The tree-climbing squirrels game played by Jack and his friend Miranda, the squirrels, the heroes of the game, who need help to reach the nests, which you can do through 40 stages of challenge and excitement, and collect money to advance in the forest store, and this experience can be done Have fun through the following link:


3. Stop: A smart game in which you can compete with your friends. You can start by writing a word from five different categories and starting with this letter, then guessing the words that follow it in great fun to get more points. It is a useful game in addition to entertainment that increases your enriching information. It teaches you a number of foreign languages, and can be obtained through the following link:


4. Lionheart Tactics: The game of the brave to gather many enemies, confront them, and always line up at the front to overcome their challenges and face the dangers rushing towards you. These challenges increase with each higher stage you move to until you reach victory in the end. The game can be obtained through the following link. :

5. Fish Out of Water: The most famous fish game in video and Android games, but this time it comes with more fun and excitement to catch 6 fish flying out of the water in the air, and you have to quickly catch them one after the other to achieve the best points and gain, and you can get On the game through the following link:

Lion Heart Tactics

6. Pick a Pet: A fun game for solving puzzles to stimulate the mind by trying to clean pets from oil stains, getting rid of animal claws, and the stronger the animal team you choose, the stronger you will be and the more puzzles you will be able to solve, during trips through the animal release map. In more destructive movements to the goal, this exciting game can be obtained through the following link:

I'm sorry

7. Bad Piggies: A fun game for adults and children about a group of pigs that drive a car at crazy speeds carrying large amounts of explosive dynamite. The game comes in 200 levels in a fun experience to collect points and rise to higher levels. This exciting experience can be played through the following link:

Bad Biggies

8. F18 Carrier Landing II: A game full of suspense and excitement with trying to land the plane on a ship, which is one of the most difficult flying movements carried out at an altitude of 150 meters, and entering into a great challenge in three amazing dangerous rounds and joining the best pilots, then climbing into the cockpit. The plane uses 3D technology to take off in one of the famous military aircraft. You can participate in this exciting experience through the following link:

F18 Carrier Landing 2

9. Transworld Endless Skater: A skating game on steep hills by choosing five professional skaters with unique and diverse skills, while performing the smartest tricks to score the goal. The game includes endless levels of collecting points with the possibility of obtaining additional time, and it is possible to obtain Enter the game at the following link:

Transworld Endless Scatter

Note: The ranking and list are concerned with mentioning some of the best according to the editor’s online search, and there is no specific measurement, and the article is not considered a reference for credits by preference.

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