Explanation of preventing posts from appearing on a Facebook page
Role of Search Explanation of preventing posts from appearing on a Facebook page

How to Hide Post in Facebook ?

How to Hide Post in Facebook?

The social networking site Facebook  is a site for sharing among friends, and therefore it is not possible for the owner of a Facebook account to be completely hidden due to the large amount of participation and activity with the comments and likes that he makes on his account.

But sometimes the user may be exposed to some inconvenience and harassment because one of his friends publishes posts or writings that he does not want to see, and here he may think about canceling this friendship, but there is another simple solution, as the user can hide and block the posts that a specific friend publishes without the need to cancel. If you want to done someone else then you can contact with bwp tech team. Friendship, and this does not affect the appearance of his post with this friend, through very simple and easy steps with an explanation with pictures that we will present in this article.

Role of Search Explanation of preventing posts from appearing on a Facebook page

Advantages of this method to hide a specific friend’s posts on Facebook:

  • The user can hide any written posts, pictures, etc. of a specific friend on the Facebook page
  • The user is not notified of any new posts made by this friend
  • The user can only see these posts if he visits the friend’s page
  • This friend whose posts have been blocked does not know that you have blocked and hidden his posts
  • This method spares the user the need to cancel and delete this person’s friendship from the friends list

Steps to block and hide a friend’s posts on Facebook:

  • Enter the friends list
  • Click on the Friends button next to the name of each registered friend you have
  • After that, a window will open with multiple options, and there is an option to view the latest news in Facebook. There is a check mark next to it
  • We remove the check mark next to the display of the latest news, and this is done by ”clicking on the phrase “View in the latest news. Thus, all of this friend’s posts have been blocked and hidden from appearing on your main page on your Facebook account
  • If the user wants to view the posts of a friend whose posts have been blocked, he can do so by entering his personal page
  • If you undo the ban on this friend’s posts, follow the same steps and return the check mark that was removed so that all posts on the Facebook page can be seen again


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